Drive more than sales

Did you know? Egbto can drive more than sales

By Emad Hassan

Customers come to Egbto not only as a place to shop but also as an outlet to discover brands and new Egbto original content. In fact, 50% of Egbto customers use the our android   , and Apple app to discover new products or brands.1 As a result, Egbto Apps  can help businesses reach millions of Egbto customers and deliver brand results by creating awareness for a product launch, driving brand discoverability, and supporting product education.

Why launch a new product with Egbto?

Businesses can leverage our brand display solutions to reach new customers and increase awareness for their new product. So,

First, if you have a new product, and you want to sale it you have to do at least five steps

1 – promote your products

2 – Get a sales people

3 – Manage your social media channels

4 – Pay for ads

5 – have customer services to answer customers, and finish leads

Now with Egbto, you just have list your products, and we will do the rest, and much more

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