First order Within In 24 hrs

Hi all,
I joined Egbto 3 days ago and got my first order within in 24hrs and I sent them email to explain how much I was happy. Here read hundreds of articles about “How to get first order, not getting orders, and so on” that’s why I’m willing to share my secret strategy to get order fast and convince buyers when they contact you.
Read these tips carefully and apply them all to show professionalism.

Read BR Carefully:
Check the client’s Notes,  to send the item and shipping  time frame then send an offer accordingly.
Send 10 Offers Daily:
Egbto given 10 offers a day to all sellers so use this opportunity to show your item. You can send offers using Mobile.

Wait for Good BR:
If you can fulfill the client’s order then send an offer on message

Avoid shipping delay:

Ship the customer order as soon as possible

Do Not Use products descriptions from other website :
make your item description uniqueUse Marketing Phrase
Hope my tips help you


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