waterproof thermal car cover full top


How to measure your car for a Top Half Car Cover referring to the image above:

Easy Installation Instructions:

Step 1: Apply the hooks to secure Cover to the left and right side of the trunk.
Step 2: Close the trunk so the hooks are secure and then tighten the adjustable rear strap as needed.
Step 3: Then pull the Cover from the storage bag and proceed to walk it around to the front of the car.
Step 4: Secure the front strap to the hood or grill whichever is more secure. Make sure to maintain proper tension by tightening the adjustable front strap.
Step 5: Walk to the left then right hand side of the car and bring the elasticized hem down around the mirrors. It may sometimes be necessary to fold in mirrors to ensure proper fit.
Step 6: On the back end of the cover which covers the rear window, you will find a bungee cord on the left and right hand side. If needed you can stretch the bungee cord and wrap it around the buttons on the rear trunk strap to help cover the rear window.

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Ships From: Egypt

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