Waterproof & Thermal Car Cover Protector

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Size Dimensions   L W H
M   430 160 7
L   480 175 120
XL   540 180 120
SUV M   430 175 150
SUV L   480 185 155
SUV XL    450 185 160
Car Cover


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Packagingcolor card+PVC bag,same material packing,color box

Place of OriginMade in China

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Delivery Time3 : 5 Days

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Which cover is best for car?
Waterproof & Thermal Car Cover Protector
Give your car the protection and pampering it deserves with Spare Car’s Waterproof & Thermal Car Protector Cover. With sizes available to suit almost any vehicle, a high-grade car cover helps your vehicle to stay in top condition when it’s off the road.

Thermal Protection for Almost any Vehicle

Expose your vehicle to low temperatures for an extended period of time and you could be looking at far more than low current in the battery. Low temperatures can have disastrous effects on many different parts and systems in your car. Some of these include:

  • Underinflated tires – as cold causes the air inside your tire to contract, pressure drops.
  • Fuel line ice – if there is any moisture in your fuel line (which is common), this can freeze. Although the gas or diesel in the tank is unlikely to freeze, the moisture freezing can create blockages and interfere with the flow of fuel to the engine.
  • Ice on the inside of the windscreen. Not only does ice on the windscreen stress the glass, if the temperature of your vehicle is fluctuating due to poor thermal control, the ice may also melt, then evaporate. The water vapor could subsequently condense elsewhere in your vehicle. Over time this may cause the upholstery or other interior components to suffer ill effects due to dampness.
  • Increased oil viscosity – especially once the temperature drops below -4°F, the oil in your vehicle can become so viscous (sticky) that the pump struggles to circulate it.
  • Broken windshield wipers – colder temperatures can cause the rubber on your wiper blades to crack and flake.
  • Problems with your paintwork. Particularly if you’re lucky enough to own a vintage vehicle, colder temperatures may cause the paintwork to warp or bubble. This is a particular issue if the temperature your vehicle is stored at fluctuates.

For all these reasons, and more, it’s essential that your car is protected against low temperatures. This is where a thermal car cover comes into its own. A thermal cover not only provides insulation against the cold but also helps to regulate the temperature your vehicle is stored at, reducing the risk of damaging temperature fluctuations.


If you want to preserve your car in good condition for as long as possible, a thermal cover is a good investment. Not only does it protect your vehicle’s components from decay and damage, but it also reduces the amount of maintenance and preparatory work you’ll need to do before you take your car back out on the road.

Protecting Your car From Moisture Damage


Moisture is arguably the most damaging substance your vehicle can come in contact with. Even small amounts of moisture have the potential to cause rust and metal corrosion on vulnerable spots. In addition, a damp interior provides a breeding ground for destructive mold, mildew, and other unwanted biological contaminants.

If you’ve made sure your car is dry before it’s stored, a waterproof cover minimizes the risks that moisture poses. Ideal for cars that are stored outdoors, a waterproof cover can protect your vehicle from precipitation (rain, hail, sleet, and snow), as well as high atmospheric humidity.

A Cover Protects Your Vehicle From Pollution, Bumps, Scratches, and More

Sometimes it can seem as if everything is out to get your precious car! From pollutants in the air that can damage the paintwork through to biological contaminants and accidental bumps and knocks, cars can be incredibly vulnerable.

A robust cover not only helps to regulate the atmosphere your car is stored in, but it can also protect your vehicle from a variety of hazards. Even cars that are stored in a garage can end up being accidentally damaged or contaminated. A good-quality cover provides a welcome layer of protection.

Highly Durable

Like everything in the Spare Car range, this thermal car cover is made from premium materials. Robustly constructed, it’s designed to provide years of heavy-duty protection.

The Waterproof & Thermal Car Cover Protector is Fitted to the Contours of Your Vehicle

One of the most important features a car cover needs is a good fit. This protector is available in a wide range of sizes and shapes. With different designs for sedans, SUVs, and hatchbacks, it’s also in stock in several different sizes.

Use our handy size chart to work out which Waterproof & Thermal Car Cover Protector is going to be the right one for your car.

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Specification: Waterproof & Thermal Car Cover Protector

Car Cover Size

sedan (M), sedan ( L), sedan (XL), SUV (M), SUV (L), SUV (XL)

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 20 × 50 × 40 cm

Videos: Waterproof & Thermal Car Cover Protector

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